Efficient and flexible

Plant concept combines stationary table production and pallet rotation 

Confac started out as a manufacturer of wall and façade elements in the Danish town of Randers in April 2008 (shortly before the beginning of the crisis). In the conception stage of the plant, the specifications called for: a slender and modern production achieved with a low investment volume and the option for modernizing and extension. The German machine builder Avermann was given precise instructions for the new plant on a greenfield site. There has never before been a plant quite like it.

Today, the precaster in Randers/Denmark manufactures primarily wall and façade elements for industrial buildings and office blocks. Within the framework of the Danish economic stimulus program, aimed at revivifying the economy, one can benefit in particular from the new construction of public buildings – primarily schools. As one of two Graphic Concrete® licensees in Denmark, one has the necessary expertise to produce exceptional surfaces and is therefore full in trend.


Conception of an idea

The four managing directors of Confac A/S, headquartered in the Danish town of Randers, got to know...

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