An innovative accelerator for precast concrete

Crystal seeding to master the current challenges of the precast industry

A brand-new technology called Crystal Speed Hardening has been developed and recently launched by BASF Construction Chemicals. In fact, the new product boosts the development of early strength in a way that was never achieved before by modifying the kinetics of cement hydration. Precast producers can benefit from this product in a variety of ways. In this article, the product X-SEED® 100 and the Crystal Speed Hardening technology will be presented, including its mechanism of action and the performance tests carried out under different conditions, in order to highlight the potential applications for precast producers and the benefits they enjoy as a result.

Today, the big challenge to precast producers is to be able to produce top-quality elements with a high productivity rate, in a sustainable way and with economic benefits. The Crystal Speed Hardening technology has been developed for this purpose. C-S-H also corresponds to calcium silicate hydrates, the products of cement hydration that are responsible for the compressive strength of concrete.


Mechanism of action

In standard cement hydration, many complex reactions occur in parallel during the setting and hardening phase of cement whose hydration speed depends on the chemical composition of...

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