Six at a stroke

With Noeplast into the third dimension

Exceptional tasks require exceptional solutions. The staff of precast concrete plant Spürgin located in Teningen (Germany) was confronted with such kind of task when an order was placed for manufacturing 114 concrete columns just within seven weeks – and what is more, they should appear as being made of natural stone. Together with the Suessen-based company Noe-Schaltechnik the masters of concrete developed a method allowing to manufacture six high-quality fair-faced concrete columns simultaneously.

For many years now, Europa-Park Rust (Germany) has been famous for its attractions and the pleasantly arranged setting. A large number of creative ideas, which have been developed for the theme park, however, could not be realized with the aid of conventional manufacturing methods. A high degree of specialist knowledge and readiness to apply innovative solutions are sought after in this connection. The project in question is a two-story parking garage and the up to 3.60 m high precast concrete columns of which should give the impression as being made of natural stone masonry.

A total of 114 square columns had to be manufactured having a lateral length of 30 cm. Although it was possible to cast the textures requested with the aid of formliners, but the real challenge was to arrange them on the formwork boards in such a way as to have a consistent joint pattern on all four sides of the column. Therefore, Noeplast textured formliners of Noe-Schaltechnik were chosen. They guarantee a high surface quality. Furthermore, they have a glass-fiber reinforced backing fabric and thus are especially resistant to everyday wear and tear at the construction site.

Just within eight days after placing the order the precast concrete plant received all textured formliners. They were already cut to sizes having a width of 40 cm and thus it was just necessary to miter them in the precast concrete plant and to connect them to the formwork panels. For this purpose, Noe-Schaltechnik offers a special cement that is especially designed for the textured formliners and ensures a permanent bond all over the formwork and plastic formliner.

As to be in the position to keep the tight schedule, the people working with Spürgin, the accomplishing precast concrete plant, conceived a special manufacturing method. Hence, they decided to manufacture six columns in an upright position simultaneously. As to provide enough footing for the formwork panels and avoid bending of the same when being filled with concrete, they produced a concrete plate with six recesses. Three formwork panels each could be arranged in an U-shaped way in these recesses. A further concrete plate, on which the lacking formwork boards were fixed, was then placed in front of the construction, closing the formwork and preparing the same for the concreting process. Now, the slightly compacted concrete could easily be filled in and be compacted.

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