Photocatalytic concrete products

Practical application and modeling

The air quality in inner-city areas remains a major problem for the future. Promising solutions are available by the use of air-purifying concrete products since available filters for particulate matters are not affecting the emission of nitrogen oxides. An effective application of air-purifying concrete products requires knowledge both on the theoretical background of the photocatalytic reaction as well as their practical application. These will be addressed in the present article.

However, the overall interest on air quality in inner-city areas will increase as rising traffic rates will cause a number of conflicts with the limiting values given by the European Council [1]. The exceed of critical values is expected in densely settled areas, caused by the reduction of already existing thresholds till 2010 on the one hand and increasing traffic rates, especially for diesel powered passenger cars and freight vehicles, on the other hand. The application of filters reduces the emission of particulate matter originated by diesel powered vehicles but does not effect the...

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