August 2010

Keywords: Anchor for handling building elements, in particular a concrete panel;Prefabricated insulation wall panels for construction of concrete walls; Casted concrete stone with opposed molded textured surfaces and method of manufacture; Composite cement panel; Transport anchors for precast parts and method for the manufacture of such anchors; Concrete curing agent; Method of fabricating integrally insulated concrete wall or wall components; Autoclaved aerated concrete material as well as method of its manufacture; Floor element, in particular paving block; Building element


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Issue 09/2010

September 2010

Issue 04/2017

Autoclaved-aerated concrete element, double-wall element and wall-fixing system ...

(10) DE 20 2016 007 440 U1 (22) 07.12.2016 (45) 23.02.2017 (57) Porenbeton-Bauteil mit: einem kubisch geformten Körper (12; 112; 212) aus Po­renbeton, und einer Verankerung (20), die in den Körper...

Issue 06/2021

Composite concrete panel formed of an aerated concrete mixture and method of manufacture

(10) WO 2021/046601 Al (22) 09.09.2020 (43) 18.03.2021 (57) A method of manufacturing a composite concrete panel, comprising the steps of: forming an aerated concrete compo­sition by adding a foaming...

Issue 07/2019

Aerated block-based prefabricated wall panel and floor panel

(10) WO 2019/085175 Al (22) 14.12.2017 (43) 09.05.2019 (57) An aerated block-based prefabricated wall panel and floor panel, relating to the technical field of the fixation of walls of buildings. The...

Issue 04/2010 An energy efficient solution for multi-layer and sandwich walls

ComBar thermal anchor: resistant against corrosion

This anchor realizes U-values between 0.236 W/m²K and 0.391 W/m²K at an average hollow wall of 30.0 cm up to 36.5 cm. Solutions with conventional lattice girders have significantly higher U-values....