Innobatec – Innovative Building Technology

Innobatec (Innovative Building Technology) was founded on 2 March 2009 and supplies spacers and rebar couplers to manufacturers of precast concrete parts, materials suppliers and construction companies. The company is based in Iserlohn in the Sauerland area, right in the heart of Germany.

It supplies all the various types of spacer needed in the production of precast concrete building components or on the building site, including surface spacers, single spacers, rebar spacers, and spacers for fibre-reinforced and cast concrete. As a special item for ceiling contractors, Innobatec offers reinforcing bar spacers made of BST 500 structural steel with stand-off spacers (in both butterfly and round forms) in all lengths and coverings.

For rebar couplers, customised solutions are also available, tailored exactly to the customer‘s requirements.  

The company has an in-house...

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