SBM Mineral Processing

1,500 m³ UHPC for a special contract in lofty heights

The renovation of the Viaduc de Chillon near Villeneuve in Switzerland was completed at the end of October 2014, using an innovative process developed by the construction contractor Walo Bertschinger. A mobile mixing plant type Specimix from SBM Mineral Processing contributed 1,500 m³ UHPC to the project. This impressive Swiss autoroute bridge with a length of 2,100 m and a height of up to 50 m is a challenge of construction engineering to all companies involved in the project.

The renowned Zurich construc­­tion contractor Walo Bertschinger, which assumed responsibility for the renovation job, had commissioned SBM Mineral Processing to supply the concrete. “We have made a name for ourselves throughout Europe as a reliable quality supplier for UHPC plants, based on the successful implementation of foundations for wind power plants and precast concrete projects, all of which convinced Walo of our expertise,” said the engineers Gerhard Gschwandtner and Helmuth Neubacher, pleased about the contract award.

1,500 m³ UHPC ­within four weeks

Specimix, employing perfect logistics, delivered directly from the bridge a total of around 1,500 m³ UHPC within four weeks. The aggregate and the binders were delivered in tank trucks and blown into the silos, and the steel fibers were installed by means of plant cranes. The thin layer of concrete containing an extremely high portion of steel fibers, was installed as a structural layer of only 50 mm thickness, including reinforcement.

The mobile mixing plant consists of three main containers, which arrived on the construction site ready for use. At a performance of 18 m³/h and a mixing time of ten minutes per mix, the plant impressed not only through the superior quality of the concrete, but also through the high speed of production. Being completely insulated, the Specimix is also used for operation in winter and, accordingly, suitable for year-round operation.

Know-how for special ­solutions

The SBM Mineral Processing GmbH is a one-stop supplier for stationary and mobile concrete mixing plants as well as conditioning and conveyor systems for the raw materials and recycling industry, including service and support. Decades of experience in engineering and production enables the company to provide challenging technical solutions. SBM plants are designed for year-round operation and are ready for use even in extreme weather conditions. The use of high-end components ensures a long service life for machines and systems as well as low maintenance costs. SBM belongs to the MFL group so that the know-how and capacities of production and erection as well as the shipping and procurement logistics worldwide are available to the customers.

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