BetonTage Anniversary

1996: New processes, new strategies

In 2016, the BetonTage congress will celebrate its 60th anniversary – reason enough for BFT International, the industry magazine and long-standing exclusive media partner of the leading European precast gathering, to consult the archives and look back to some important points in the history and evolution of this event. BFT issues 10/2015 to 01/2016 contain articles on the anniversary years of 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2006. We will then publish the proceedings of the current, 60th edition of the BetonTage in BFT issue 02/2016. We wish you, dear readers, a lot of excitement when getting immersed in...

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Issue 11-2015

60th BetonTage: Structural precast ­elements and CE marking

Next year, the BetonTage in the German city of Ulm will take place already for the sixtieth time. The reputation and status enjoyed by this leading German and European event is in good part due to the...

Issue 11-2015 BetonTage anniversary

1986: Significant events

In 2016, the BetonTage in Ulm will celebrate its 60th anniversary. A good reason for the technical journal BFT International – exclusive media partner for many years of the leading European event in...

Issue 2016-01 BetonTage Anniversary

2006: “Much movement” at the FIFA World Cup and in Concrete Associations

In 2016, the BetonTage celebrated its 60th anniversary. It served as a good reason for the BFT International journal – the longstanding exclusive media partner of the leading European industry event...

Issue 2016-01

60th BetonTage: For skilled workers, students, engineers

New year, new luck and new opportunities. Perhaps with a job in the precast concrete or supplier industry? At the 60th BetonTage in the German city of Neu-Ulm, you can now submit your job application:...

Issue 2016-03

After the event ...

For the precast concrete industry and its suppliers, two highlights this spring will follow in quick succession: The 60th BetonTage in the German city of Neu-Ulm will have just ended – after the...