10,000 customers worldwide use Cemex Go

According to Cemex S.A.B. de C.V., 25 % of company customers worldwide use the digital customer integration platform Cemex Go.

Cemex Go supports all customer procedures. Cemex Go enables customers to place their orders, track their transactions, follow their deliveries in real time by GPS, instantly receive messages regarding their order status, and change their orders. In addition, they enjoy complete visibility and transparency of all information that they require to improve administration of their companies. With Cemex Go, customers are able within minutes to process tasks for which they formerly required hours.

Worldwide beginning in 2018

Marcela Guajardo from the company Blokasa, a Cemex customer from Mexico, assures us: “The absolute prerequisite for me as a customer is the business exchange that Cemex Go offers me in ensuring smooth procedures  that proceed as fast as possible. For me, this platform is the complete solution.”

Mike Sprecher, from the company Nibbi Concrete, is also a user of Cemex Go in the USA. He reports, “Cemex Go is without doubt an overall solution that considerably facilitates the work of our project teams and our accounting department.”

Until now Cemex Go has been introduced in Mexico, the USA, Columbia, the United Kingdom, and Germany. It is planned for launching for 50 % of the markets served by Cemex. In the course of 2018, Cemex Go will be provided in all regions in which Cemex is active. More than 45,000 customers there will profit from it.

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