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1-copy delivery note

So far, a delivery note for concrete consists of up to four copies. Each of them is filed in a folder in the archive sooner or later – i.e. in the administration of the concrete plant, at the forwarder and at the customer. 999 out of 1,000 delivery notes will never be needed again within the period of retention. If a factory in fact is producing 10,000 delivery notes per year, this means up to 40,000 hardcopies which are all processed manually. Employees in the concrete plant‘s administration itself, at the forwarder, at the construction company are checking them for completeness as well as additions made by the driver; often delivery notes are scanned, sorted and filed. This entails high expenditures in time and costs.

Now, the Praxis company makes the vision of a 1-copy delivery note come true. This will rapidly cut the amount of paper used and reduce the working time of the administration staff for manual processing. According to Praxis, the solution is extremely simple: Only the site manager gets a delivery note printed on paper. Copies will no longer be necessary. The system works like this: A PDF/3 A document is automatically created when issuing a delivery note at the factory. This document can be opened immediately at the ­delivery note portal “” protected by encryption. At the same time, the delivery note is fed into the ERP system of the construction company as XML document (defined interface) for billing. All parties involved – factory, forwarder and construction company – have access to the delivery note portal “” and can view the digital delivery note at any time and print it out, if requested. The delivery notes comply with the requirements of GDPdU (German Principles of Data Access and Auditability of Digital Records) as well as GoD.

Praxis also provides a solution for recording manual notes made on the delivery note, such as signature or details on additions and waiting times: The truck driver is equipped with an intelligent pen. The site manager at the construction site signs with this pen. The driver also uses this pen for making notes of retarder, accelerator and waiting times on the delivery note in the box provided. In the evening or after every tour, the pen is read out in the administration. All information given gets to the respective delivery note automatically. The expenditure of time for post-processing is the striking argument, apart from the reduced consumption of paper. Reading out the information at the factory or at the administration requires just a few minutes. Checking as well as issuing an invoice are carried out in an automated process. Praxis has already concluded the first client projects with the new system – result: only 10 % of the delivery notes needed any manual post-processing.

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