KTI – Plersch Group takes over the „silo & concrete heating“ business ofBelimed Sauter AG located in Sulgen / Switzerland

 Mid April, the agreement was concluded between Belimed Sauter AG and Mr. Rupert Plersch as chairman of the board of directors of the newly founded Sauter Plersch AG. This was the end of the preliminary negotiations of the agreement for the takeover of the Swiss specialist in concrete heating.

Rupert Plersch, owner of the KTI Kältetechnik located in Balzheim (Germany), sees positive synergies above all for sales and distribution. „Now, we are in the position to offer complete solutions to our customers concerning all requirements in respect of the production of concrete,“ Plersch stated.

The cooperation especially provides new chances in the field of sales and distribution for Sauter Plersch and KTI in Balzheim. Henceforth, it is possible to design and offer an appropriate solution from a single source for any temperature zone of the earth and any customer requirement. This results...

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