B.T. innovation Magdeburg

Thuringian company relying on new magnet technology

Beton Fertigteilbau Erfurt GmbH is an efficient company with a tradition in precast concrete construction of more than 50 years. Up-to-date equipment and technologies are used for the production of the precast concrete components enabling to manufacture a product portfolio suitable for industrial, commercial, bridge and residential construction in the highest quality.

At a shop floor area of 7.800 m² up to 30,000 m³ of concrete are processed per year to high-quality precast components by a workforce of about 60 technically experienced people. As the existing shuttering system with integrated magnets is getting on in years, an investment was made at the beginning of this year and the innovative shuttering system MagFly®AP in combination with the FlyFrame® was purchased.

Before this step was taken, the system was tested thoroughly and designated as the right system by the team of Mr. Vogt. This shuttering system is the respective further development of the...

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