An exceptional conversion

From a precast concrete plant to a precast masonry plant

When signing the sales contract for a Rimatem® masonry plant Filip Despierre, the General Manager of dws-prefeb, would never have imagined that his company once would be among the market leaders in the field of precast masonry. However, when buying the first production line the course was set for a sensational success story. 

For several years, the family-owned business has been operating a construction company and was specialized in shell construction of multi-story residential buildings and individual home construction. The construction company manufactured the concrete elements needed for this purpose in the own small precast concrete plant. In 2005, Filip Despierre for the first time heard about Rimatem, the company of the Southern German town of Dischingen, and about their automatic masonry manufacturing process. He came to know that the production line of the company allows to prefabricate likewise sand lime...

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