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DIN Deutsches Institut fuer Normung e. V. / SAC Standardization Administration of China: German-Chinese normative cooperation facilitates trade activities. On Oct. 12th a new portal for information on standards and regulations has officially been opened for access. Informations on the normatives and regulations in each of the two countries can be looked up in Chinese, English and German at: www.standards-portal.de • • • VDMA Großanlagenbau (German Large Industrial Plant Manufacturing) demands: Don’t overregulate the world financial system! www.vdma.org • • • The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar...

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Issue 2015-05

The EU and the “Ü” (UE)*

Some months ago, the European Union filed a complaint against the Federal Republic of Germany by charging that Germany had violated the Construction Products Regulations (BauPVO), imposed additional...

Issue 2018-04

Ü-mark replacement in sight

The judgment passed by the European Court of Justice in Case C-100/13 – three and a half years ago – has caused a great deal of excitement in Germany. The well-known consequence of this ruling is...

Issue 2013-11 BASF

Environmental Product Declarations for flooring systems

With immediate effect, Environmental Product Declaration sheets (EPDs) are available for almost all MasterTop flooring products from BASF. These declarations contain information about the product and...

Issue 2012-02

VDMA: Johann Sailer is new chairman

The members of the Construction Equipment and Building Material Machinery Association within VDMA e.V., the German Engineering Federation, have unanimously elected Johann Sailer (50), Managing Partner...

Issue 2011-07 Findings of a competition study for large-scale plant construction

Competition from China and South Korea put pressure on suppliers

China is most aggressive According to the survey, the Chinese large-scale plant manufacturers are the most conspicuous competitors in the world market at present. Their pricing policy is not only most...