World Cup Stadium in Johannesburg

Final round for mounting the high-tech façade

Façade mounting at the Soccer City Stadium, the largest construction site of a stadium in the world at present, has entered the crucial stage. All fibreC elements of the Austrian company Rieder Smart Elements with its production site in the Bavarian Kolbermoor have made the delivery passage of 8,500 km air-line distance to South Africa and have now been prepared for mounting at the on-site "fibreCamp".

“It was a logistical challenge, which we could simply resolve thanks to our experience gained over many years in handling of international large-scale projects. To complete the stadium as fast as possible is very important for us. Therefore, we have not only moved heaven and earth in order to transport the fibreC panels as fast as possible to South Africa but we have also established the fibreCamp directly on site in Johannesburg,” comments Wolfgang Rieder, Managing Director of Rieder Smart Elements, the smooth course of the project.

 “fibreCamp” is the name of the field factory which has...

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