In-house exhibition at SR Schindler

Aging system with coating module for concrete products

From September 14 to 17, 2011, SR Schindler opened their production halls for the purpose of an in-house exhibition. Many customers from at home and abroad accepted the invitation and attended the exhibition.

For the period of four days, the production that is normally running in the factory buildings at Hofer Straße in ­Regensburg (Germany) moved into the background. Because there was a special kind of live event waiting for the guests: it was possible to experience several machine exhibits of the Bavaria-based machinery manufacturer at close range in full operation.  

The line consits of aging system MEGA-6000-C with three slide rests with sechs beams each and 105 hammers per unit. The first two units are furnished with rotary swaging tools that provide for the aging process (chipping the edges of...

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