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Brand new development of WKB Systems GmbH

 WKB Systems GmbH has developed, assembled and commissioned a fully automated U-shells gluing station with drilling machine for the production of AAC U-shells and hollow bricks. In such a way efficient building materials are produced to ensure cost-effectiveness, perfect timing and sustainability in building process.   

A very strong demand for efficient building materials was the reason for WKB engineers to develop innovative machinery for the fully automated production of AAC U-shells and hollow bricks. So the U-shells gluing station with drilling machine was invented. In April 2011 the first production line was installed in the plant of a building materials manufacturer in Germany.     

This brand new development of WKB primarily consists of a saw station, a gluing station, a drilling machine as well as robot handling that operate in automatic mode.        

 The U-shells are produced here according to the...

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