Liebherr tower cranes build residential project in the heart of São Paulo

Liebherr 85 EC-B 5b tower cranes in operation at a residential project in São Paulo (Figure: Liebherr)

Liebherr 85 EC-B 5b tower cranes in operation at a residential project in São Paulo (Figure: Liebherr)
Six 85 EC-B 5b Liebherr tower cranes are building more than just a residential district in São Paulo, the capital of the Brazilian state of the same name. The 48 towers, each with 18 floors, will comprise around 7,000 residential units, a day care center, a police station and much more. The area between the towers will offer space for various recreational facilities such as parks and playgrounds.

As a long-standing Liebherr customer, the building contractor MRV Engenharia is relying on six tower cranes, all produced at Liebherr’s Brazilian plant in Guaratinguetá, for the major “Grande Reserva Paulista” residential project. The project itself has been divided into various construction phases and four to six Liebherr tower cranes are in use for each of these. As part of the planning process, Liebherr’s own project department, Tower Crane Solutions, ensured that none of the cranes, with a hook height of up to 60 meters and a working radius of between 45 and 50 meters, would get in each other’s way.

The various construction phases also mean that the location of the tower cranes changes approximately every six months. To make the required disassembly and reassembly processes easier and more economical, the six 85 EC-B 5b Liebherr tower cranes all stand on cruciform bases. It’s the first time MRV Engenharia has used this type of foundation and the contractor is impressed by both the concept and the cranes’ operation as a whole. “The cranes are safe and reliable as usual,” says Emerson Buturi, who is responsible for MRV Engenharia’s machinery.

The project is due for completion by the middle of 2020, the result being a modern, sustainable residential neighborhood where residents enjoy a sense of community, use alternative energy sources and always feel secure in their homes.



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