IAB Science Days 2018 / 25th International IFF Conference

The way we build with concrete is an increasingly popular topic that will determine our future. But which challenges and trends are relevant to it? High-profile speakers from Germany and abroad will question long-established concepts and mindsets and present intriguing lines of thought on building sustainably with concrete. In so doing, they will focus on adopting a holistic, interconnected view of building materials, products, processes and equipment.

The conference agenda will outline options for substituting conventional construction materials and investigate smart approaches to dealing with the fact that our natural resources are finite. It is thus our responsibility to develop innovative products and processes to master this challenge. The construction industry, in particular, is a major consumer of resources that needs to contribute to this endeavour. Key levers to be utilised in this regard include the design of optimised processes and the implementation of efficient, sustainable energy concepts.

Selected presentations will be interpreted simultaneously (German <–> English/Russian). The accompanying exhibition and get-together will provide additional hands-on input and further opportunities to engage in talks over relevant topics.

Welcome and keynote speech

The IAB Science Days 2018 will be opened by Institute Director Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Palzer, Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee (Thuringian Ministry of Economy, Science and Digital Society) and Peter Kleine (Lord Major of the city Weimar). In the following keynote presentation “The façade of the new Bauhaus Museum – a challenge in design, production and assembly”, Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Heike Hanada (Laboratory of Art and Architecture) and Dipl.-Ing. Michael Erhardt (Hemmerlein Ingenieurbau GmbH) are explaining the reasons selecting a concrete façade instead of a glass façade.

Accompanying exhibition

The accompanying exhibition creates the link between science and practical implementation. Take advantage of this opportunity and benefit from direct contact with specialist colleagues from the building materials, construction machinery and concrete construction industries. On an area of approx. 500 m2, interested companies have the opportunity to present products and services as well as to cultivate and expand customer contacts. Around 200 participants are expected.



Institut für Angewandte Bauforschung Weimar gGmbH

Über der Nonnenwiese 1

99428 Weimar/Germany

+49 3643 8684-0


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