Germany’s second largest sedimentation tanks installed

The circular centre structure with an outer diameter of 10m and with a formwork height of 5.25m, with the TTR Trapezoidal girder formwork (Figure: Paschal)

The circular centre structure with an outer diameter of 10m and with a formwork height of 5.25m, with the TTR Trapezoidal girder formwork (Figure: Paschal)
Germany’s second largest final sedimentation tanks were created as part of the sewage treatment plant expansion project in Forchheim, serving as many as 600,000 inhabitants. In order to produce the reinforced concrete structures, Ed. Züblin AG relied on formwork systems from Paschal.

Several systems from Paschal were used at the construction site for the various concrete structures – an impressive undertaking demonstrating that all formwork requirements can be addressed quickly and efficiently with formwork systems from Paschal. 

Foundations and base plates were built with the Modular universal formwork and the walls were completed using the Logo.3 system. The height extension brackets were used for certain sections of the walls to enable smaller height extensions to be constructed flexibly and without additional panel formwork. To make the reinforced concrete slabs, Züblin used Paschal Deck combined with mobile, crane-borne slab tables assembled out of the GASS shoring system. And for curved structures, the TTR trapezoidal girder formwork demonstrated its versatility for forming both the floor and slab plates and the circular tank walls, and delivered impressive results in terms of precisely definable curve radiuses. The concrete haunch on the inside of the curved tank walls was produced up to full height in a single work cycle with system parts.


Detailed formwork plans

KBK climbing platforms accessible via safe stair towers were used for the elevated work sites. The sewage treatment plant expansion project valued at about 48 mio. euros includes an additional aeration tank occupying a construction area of 330 x 150m, two final sedimentation tanks with an external diameter of 73m, for which parts of the footing base were about 8.00m below ground level.

Some parts of the final sedimentation tank are below the groundwater level and were constructed using a special building process, which is why underwater concrete was used.

During the formwork planning stage, Züblin relied on the skills of the formwork experts at Paschal, who used the Paschal Plan-Pro software to plan the formwork.

Consequently, Züblin received comprehensive, detailed formwork plans which provided invaluable support for the entire building undertaking. ”Despite the size of the project, the widely differing reinforced concrete structures and formwork, construction work went ahead quickly and smoothly,” recounts Senior Engineer Ulrich Geitz.


Demanding reinforced concrete structures

After the reinforced concrete structures have been produced and accepted, the technical components have to be installed and mounted, so that the entire facility can be commissioned in 2019 according to plan.

“This is why it is very important for us that the base structures are completed on time and with the correct dimensions,“ says Günter Wazeck, foreman at the treatment plant site. “We like working with Paschal, we have always had very good experiences with the way they prepare the project, including formwork planning and with regard to the economical use of the formwork. The whole package gives us the certainty we need that we will be able to complete construction by the deadlines, and perhaps even before,“ adds Wazeck.



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