Workshop:Cement and Concrete for Africa

The workshop highlights recent developments in the field of cement and concrete research with impact on the local and global economy. Challenges, future developments and opportunities for the

African construction industry are in the focus. Today concrete is not yet well established in Africa, whichoffers the unique opportunity to build up a cement and concrete market based on the highest available state of technology. As this industry needs high level expertise, a central issue in implementation of skilled technology is cross-linking research institutions and laboratories. It should not be neglected that concrete is a product with low transport ranges. This means that an improved concrete market mainly supports the local economy without exceeding financial drains to the international market. Thus it fosters the fight against poverty, which is an urgent need in most African countries. The workshop takes place within a technical week of the international research network SPIN, which is acronym for Spearhead network for Innovative, Clean and Safe Cement and Concrete Technologies. SPIN aims to cross-link experts with industry and policy making bodies, aiming to establish sustainable cement and concrete construction in Africa.

Cost This workshop is cost free.

Date: 17th August 2011
Venue: BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing

Unter den Eichen 87

12205 Berlin/Germany

Ludwig-Erhard-Saal; House 5, Room 234

Hans-Carsten Kuehne
phone: +49 (0) 30 81 04 - 17 11
Nsesheye Susan Msinjili
phone: +49 (0) 30 81 04 - 44 71
Wolfram Schmidt
phone: +49 (0) 30 81 04 - 32 10

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