New Managing Director of composites excellence cluster ITA gGmbH

The Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University is represented in Augsburg since October 2014 with the new Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) gGmbH Augsburg. In cooperation with the University of Augsburg and other institutes working in the network of the composites excellence cluster the new institute will focus on textile aspects of composite manufacturing integrating the competence of the ITA in Aachen to this network. From October, 1st 2015 Dr. Stefan Schlichter will take over leadership for this location and the position of Managing Director.

ITA and Dr. Schlichter look back to a long lasting history of cooperation. Dr. Schlichter was working as a research assistant and chief engineer at ITA since 1987. During his later occupations in textile machinery industry as Director of design and engineering and CEO the good contact to ITA was maintained. Dr. Schlichter was member of the scientific board since 2000 and served as his president for long time.

In his new position Dr. Schlichter will focus on recycling of composite waste and the manufacturing, processing and coating of tapes. Furthermore he will coordinate the transfer of technology of the whole ITA group to South Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy as well being responsible for the technology field of nonwoven.

Besides his responsibility of CEO of ITA gGmbH Dr. Schlichter will hold lectures at Augsburg University in mechanical engineering and textile technology.



ITA gGmbH Augsburg

Am Technologiezentrum 2

86159 Augsburg/Germany

Dr. Stefan Schlichter

+49 174 1724167

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