Faymonville: Branch establishment in France

The greater Paris metropolitan area, with around 10 million inhabitants, constitutes the heart of France. Faymonville has now opened up its own branch establishment just outside the always pulsating capital.

The nearby town of Villeron was chosen as the new company site, and the employees recently moved into the offices there. So effective immediately Faymonville is offering a permanent point of contact to the French clientele of this region. „The region in and around Paris was long served directly by Faymonville. Via this branch establishment, we now wish to get even closer to the customers, just as the various dealers in other parts of the country are also doing“, says General Manager Alain Faymonville, explaining the reasons behind this strategic expansion.


Closer to its customers

That Paris was selected, moreover, has very simple geographical reasons. In the final analysis, almost one-sixth of the entire French population lives in this core region. Thus Faymonville is intentionally coming closer to its customers and to do so is consciously creating the space and possibilities for optimal human relations – both in product consultation and project supervision, and for sales on site.

„Stock vehicles from our entire product line are directly available on the Villeron site. If necessary, our dealers can draw on this vehicle pool as well", says Faymonville. Moreover, according to him, in the medium term the Paris branch will continue to develop and will soon offer the tried-and-tested and universally-appreciated complete service. „We anticipate that as of spring 2015 spare parts will also be available there, and a modern workshop will make it possible to maintain and repair the various semi-trailers", Faymonville continues.




ZAC de la Justice

Rue de la Mare Poissy 9

95380 Villeron/France

+33 130295430


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