2018 Besser Pipe Scholarship Awarded

During the American Concrete Pipe Association’s Annual Conference Ryan Suszek, Besser Company Vice President – Pipe & Precast, announced that Mason Davis was awarded the 2018 Besser Pipe Industry Scholarship. Szuszek commented, “Besser Company’s unwavering commitment to education is motivated by our belief that investing in the next generation leads to a stronger, more innovative industry for the future. The employee-owners of Besser join in congratulating Mason and look forward to the positive impact he is sure to have on our industry.” 

Mason Davis is from San Marcos, Texas, and is pursuing a degree in Concrete Industry Management at Texas State University. He is preparing for a career in commercial/civil construction project management. Davis commented that the 2,500 US dollar scholarship will help pay off his student loans, while he continues to work part time with local construction companies.

A five-member committee, consisting of an ACPA staff member, two ACPA board members and two Besser representatives carefully considered the qualifications of all 22 scholarship applicants before selecting Davis.

Students interested in applying for the 2019 scholarship can visit www.besser.com and www.concretepipe.org in October to complete the online application.



Besser Company World Headquarters

801 Johnson Street

Alpena, Michigan 49707/USA

+1 989 3544111


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