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More flexibility in the concrete prefabrication plant

Equipment sockets from Spelsberg with 2 x M25 combi-insertions

Spelsberg has developed the Precon product range especially for horizontal factory production. This includes the P 71 GVD equipment socket which, in the newest version, is available with two M25 combi-insertions

At Spelsberg, concrete installation systems belong within our core product range, the Precon product range satisfies the special requirements in the prefabrication factory production. The equipment (GRD), equipment junction (GVD) and large conduit box (GRO) fulfil this in accordance with DIN EN 60670-1 and allow the installation of accessories according to DIN 49073.  
All basic socket types can be combined with each other at a standard spacing of 71 mm, manufactured as one-part with closed base and hinged cover. They can be fastened quickly and easily using adhesive or magnets. The fronts of the different versions are already prepared for the respective mounting ex-factory.

Quick and simple - the equipment junction box from Spelsberg in the concrete prefabrication plant

When using the equipment socket, the conduit can be fixed to the product via insertions already integrated in the side walls. A conduit stopper prevents the conduit from penetrating inside and thus keeps the installation space free. The strain relief designed within the insertions prevents the conduits from slipping out which guarantees a safe assembly.
Four easy-cut membranes also permit the quick and safe assembly of optional conduit adapters with conduit stopper and strain relief in the sizes 16, 20 and 25 mm without using tools.

Intelligently extended
With the development of their product offering with three new variants, Spelsberg also takes benefit of the proven advantages of the equipment junction sockets. Whereas existing versions were equipped with integrated combi-conduit insertions for the connection of an M20 and M25 conduit. This allows the customer to immediately profit from an even greater flexibility in the planning and ultimately in the execution in the concrete prefabrication plant. The 2xM25 variants are available with closed front side for magnetic fastening (P 71 GVD 2xM25), with smooth front side for adhesive fastening (P 71 GVD-K 2xM25) and with open front side for fastening using RATEC magnets (P 71 GVD-O 2xM25).

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