Winner wanted

In the construction and in the precast industry, much is happening at the moment and possible fundamental changes are in the pipeline. The foreseeable industry-wide introduction of Building Information Modeling (BIM) will fundamentally change our understanding and implementation of construction projects. Progressing automation and innovative developments in machine and plant engineering – e.g., three-dimensional printers – could soon have an effect on the organization of production processes. And, not least, new construction materials such as carbon concrete are competing with materials used until now. Governments worldwide have recognized the strategic significance of these developments and promote them accordingly.

But, in addition to vision and breakthroughs in current building practice, innovations that have been developed to market maturity, or that have already been on the market for some time, are equally important. To give these innovative developments the attention they deserve, the organizers of the BetonTage, FBF Betondienst, and your technical journal BFT International, are once again jointly inviting our readers to compete for the Innovation Prize of the Supplier Industry for Concrete Components. You, our readers, are invited to compete for this prize until 30 November 2017 and to propose new products and services for the precast industry. The expert jury will honor the best innovative development in February 2018 within the scope of the BetonTage in Ulm.

You can download the application forms from the competition Website at Questions relating to participation will be answered by FBF Betondienst (Ms. Stefanie Blank, FBF Betondienst and the BFT team wish you good luck!

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