Website: Fresh and userfriendly

The Website of the internationally active manufacturer of hotmelt adhesives, Bühnen GmbH, now presents itself not only in a fresh design, but also more user-friendly: products can be found much faster, information is more detailed, mobile devices can be utilized easily, and all information is available in German, English, Dutch, Polish, and Czech.

“The entire menu guidance system as well as our innovative adhesive consultant were optimized,” explains Online Marketing Manager Tim Charzinski. “Our mission in general is to support customers from the concrete industry and many other segments of...

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Change of generations

The adhesive specialist Bühnen of Bremen, Germany, has a new Managing Director. As the family-run company reports, the Managing Partner Hanno Pünjer retired from the company at the end of the year...

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Marketing for adhesive systems restructured

Effective 1 July 2015, Bühnen GmbH & Co. KG, Vienna/Austria transferred the entire marketing of its adhesive systems in Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary to its former...

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Fresh concrete pressure for free-form structural ­concrete components –

Structural concrete components with inclined and/or curved surfaces are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary architecture (Fig. 1). Such concrete structures have long been the state of the...

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Method for casting a finished-part concrete structural element, planar formwork element, and formwork

(10) WO 2012/159141 A1 (22) 23. Mai 2012 (43) 29. November 2012 (71)  WÖRLE SPAROWITZ INGENIEURE ZIVILTECHNIKER GMBH [AT/AT]; Karlauergürtel I, A-8020 Graz (AT) (57) The invention relates to a...