Tried and tested and precast concrete trends

OTTO QUAST is specialized in turnkey construction. For this purpose, the facility at the headquarters in Freudenberg supplies precast concrete elements of high quality. But the company based in the Siegerland region of Germany also keeps an eye on future trends – they offer solutions for electric mobility as well as urbanization and urban density, respectively.

Among the team at the OTTO QUAST Fertigbau Lindenberg precast plant the chemistry is obviously right. During the tour through administration and production, the employees greeted co-owner, Sebastian Quast (Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.), and general manager, Andreas Schimanski (Dipl.-Ing. (FH)), with handshakes and a smile. A few friendly words are exchanged, and then the tour round the company together with the BFT editor continues.

Sebastian Quast has been working with the company for about five years now. Representing the fourth generation of the owner family, he is responsible for the precast...

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