Time advantage with One Shot coating systemfor parking structures

During refurbishment and new construction of parking and traffic areas there are always time-sensitive areas. These include entrances and exits, traffic routes but also parking space that is urgently needed. As a consequence, this normally means long closures and high downtime costs. The Sika One Shot coating system for parking structures provides a procedure optimized in terms of costs and benefits.

The coating system can be applied rapidly, leading to time savings of up to 75 %. Where a system with four layers normally requires four working days, Sika One Shot enables the processing of all four work steps on a single day.

Method without ­unpleasant odor

The fast-to-apply coating system for parking structures is a combination of innovative polyurea materials, aggregates and a polyaspartate sealing. The ultra-rapid primer Sika Concrete Primer is applied by means of a roller. A modified hot spray system is used for applying the waterproofing membrane Sikalastic 8800 to the primer directly, avoiding hardly any idle time. The aggregates, silica sand for example, are injected simultaneously, in order to obtain a non-slip surface. This version is much faster and less odorous in comparison to hot spray products made of PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate).

Just some hours later, it is possible to apply the sealing in the final step.

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