The year in precast elements

On a hill above Gaildorf, a town located some 60 km north of the German metropolis of Stuttgart, four towers are currently rising into the sky. These are wind power plants that will be combined with a pumped-storage power station. In high winds, surplus energy is used to pump water up the hill. With weak wind or whenever energy is needed, the stored water rushes through the turbines back down into the valley and generates electric power.

The so-called water battery provides illustrative examples for the innovative use of precast elements. This project is described in detail in our yearbook just now published: “Jahrbuch Beton Bauteile 2018.” In addition, our yearbook presents highlights of architecture, civil engineering, and craftsmanship: for example, the James Simon Gallery in Berlin, the new Bosporus Bridge in Istanbul, and the façade of the Justice Center in Bochum, Germany. The book features, in addition impressive projects of medium-sized German manufacturers.

We distribute our yearbook “Jahrbuch Beton Bauteile 2018” specifically among architects, and planners: i.e., among those experts who often decide on the application of products manufactured in concrete plants. Many of you, our readers, are therefore already using issues of the yearbook for marketing your products in the stated target group. And the yearbook is, of course, an excellent choice as a year-end holiday gift, for example, for your customers and for your business partners. We will be pleased to accept your orders.

Our BFT team wishes you and your families wonderful Christmas holidays and a happy, successful new year2018!.


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