The modified hollow core slabs

(10) WO 2016/086948 Al

(22) 03.12.2014

(43) 09.06.2016

(57) A method and a technique for producing precast-cast-in-situ lightweight rigid building assembled from the modified hollow core slab and sandwiched hollow block wall segments. Three methods are presenting for incorporating shear and flexural reinforcements as well as traditional prestressed reinforcements in the hollow core slab. The modified hollow core slab and the sand­wiched hollow block wall segments are assembled in-situ by post tension to produce two way slabs and two way walls. The upper concrete fiber as well as the cast in-situ...

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03/2017 Elematic Oyj

Structural analysis with EliSlab 2.0 for hollow-core slabs

Time is of the essence when conducting structural analyses for hollow-core slab production. The related process is often only allotted a few minutes in the schedule, which means that an efficient,...