Support brace for window frames in poured concrete walls

(10) US 10 844 617 B1

(22) 20.11.2018

(45) 24.11.2020

(57) A support brace having two complementary sections that are matingly received in the opposite sides of the opening of a window frame to be installed in a poured concrete wall. The two complementary brace sections are secured together to form a bracing structure that is matingly received in the interior opening of a window frame. The width of the support brace is adjustable at a number of selected widths to accommodate window frames of selected widths. Both the inside section of the brace and the outside section of the brace have slotted plates that overlap each other so they can be pinned together to hold the two sections of the support brace at a predetermined and adjustable distance apart corresponding to the width of the window frame being installed. The support brace has both tie slots bars for receiving concrete form ties used with metal forms, and fastener brackets for attachments to wooden forms by nails and screws. Corner gusset strike plates in corners of both sections are used as contact surfaces for separating the inside and outside brace sections from the window frame interior opening after the poured concrete has cured. This facilitates removal from the opening of the window frame. After being removed, the brace sections may be repeatedly reused at other job sites. The reusable support brace provides 100% support on all interior contact surfaces and provides full wall width support. Also, it is adjustable to be able to provide full wall width support for various frame widths.


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