Liebherr Mischtechnik

Strengthening the measuring ­technology/sensor ­technology ­development department

Liebherr has strengthened the present team of the measuring technology/sensor technology development department by additional software solutions and application connections specialists as well as specialists for hardware development as a whole. This new broad positioning will well-prepare Liebherr for future special customer-specific requirements too; thus, the company feels to be in the position to realize new developments in various fields of application relating to moisture measuring technology and water content determination in cooperation with the customers.

At Liebherr the development of sensors includes the entire value chain of research and development from the physical idea to the complete solution, from the concept to the finished product. Sensors for all sectors are manufactured in an ESD protected area in the senor production facility at the Bad Schussenried site in Southern Germany. The range of application of the sensors includes the precast concrete industry, glass, food or chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

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