Strengthened from the crisis

My colleague Karla Knitter already wrote about it in her introduction for BFT 4/2022: the Corona pandemic has not yet fully subsided after two years, and then the terrible war in Ukraine breaks out. Difficult times indeed, although our problems here in Germany such as rising costs for energy and food are relatively minor compared to the suffering of the victims of war in Eastern Europe. Bauverlag has responded with an initial sign of solidarity by immediately stopping publication of its Russian-language specialized media. In addition to the BFT Russian Edition, this also applies to the Russian Yearbook and our sister magazine AT Mineral Processing.

We are nevertheless optimistic for emerging strengthened, from this crisis as well – and  BFT had already faced the one or other crises in its 88-year history. Since the acquisition of Bauverlag by our esteemed publisher Michael Voss at the end of 2018, Bauverlag has seen very good growth and I am particularly pleased with the significant contribution that BFT International is making to this development – both with regard to the advertising market and to the number of subscribers. Furthermore, the congresses of our most important partners and our own technical forums are taking place – even if the Ulm Betontage and the BIBM Congress had to be re-scheduled. All of the 18 specialized Bauverlag titles will continue to be published and, not least, acquisition of Strobel Verlag at the beginning of 2021 and the creation of several new jobs are clear signals for positive development.

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