Spiroll supplies seismically modified equipment in Irkutsk

Spiroll, the precast concrete specialist within the CCL group, has provided both design consultancy and supply of hollowcore production equipment to New Gorod; a developer, construction contractor and major supplier of building materials in the eastern Russian town of Irkutsk.

The factory is in an area of significant seismic risk, so the Spiroll team advised on modifications to its standard extruder equipment and made the necessary changes to the machinery and hollowcore slab profiles, providing custom-modified Universal Extruders to supply six 120m precast concrete lines.


Universal Extruder and prestressing equipment supplied

The first stage of the project involved the construction of a plant with three 180m x 24m bays. At full capacity, the plant will produce 200,000m2 of housing per year.

The contract also included a Universal Extruder to manufacture 150mm and 220mm-deep hollowcore slabs, along with a crosscut saw, bed cleaner and prestressing equipment. Six 120m-long casting beds and abutments were also locally-manufactured and installed, along with an automated concrete distribution system and a semi-portal concrete distributor.

In addition to the hollowcore machinery, the factory also has a brand new batching plant with two planetary mixers, a fully-automated concrete distribution system with three roll-over buckets, tilting tables and various molds for the production of reinforced concrete structures such as columns, beams, stairs and piles.

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