Segments for the Liefkenshoek  Tunnel

53,000 reinforced concrete segments were used up in building the Liefkenshoek Railroad Tunnel which is connecting the banks of the River Schelde estuary at the Port of Antwerp.

The Liefkenshoek Tunnel is connecting the banks of the River Schelde at the Port of Antwerp in Belgium. The construction of the two single-track tubes of the 6 m long tunnel required the installation of approx. 53,000 reinforced concrete segments. The segments were manufactured in Germany. PP fibers were added to the concrete for fire protection purposes.

The railroad tunnel is the essential part of the proj-ect „Liefkenshoek Noak Spoor Verbinding“ (LHSV), one of the biggest infrastructural projects in Belgium. It is executed as a Public Private Partnership with a duration of 38 years and an...

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