Carbon-reinforced concrete in construction

Preparation for regulations

Most of the building projects using textile and/or carbon reinforced concrete, which have already been realized, are based on approvals on case-by-case basis. Apart from the approvals on case-by-case basis, there are already separate national technical approvals for various applications with textile reinforced concrete - apart from the approval for flexural strengthening - there are approvals for façade panels and also for sandwich wall elements. National technical approvals for pedestrian and cycle bridges as well as prefabricated garages are currently under preparation at the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt – Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik). However, a general regulation for textile and/or carbon reinforced concrete is not available at this stage. For a wider use and more general acceptance of the material carbon reinforced concrete among clients, structural engineers and building contractors such a guideline is fundamental. Therefore, at present, all those involved in the research on carbon reinforced concrete either in individual projects or, in particular, more concentrated on the large-scale C³ research project, are working intensively on the implementation of research findings into technical rules, thus drawing up a guideline of the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (DAfStb – Deutscher Ausschuss für Stahlbeton) on carbon reinforced concrete. The lecture held on the occasion of the 62nd BetonTage congress will give an overview of the current status of these preparations of technical rules for carbon reinforced concrete. Along with current findings on the design and safety concepts for new building components and the use of carbon reinforced concrete for structural strengthening as well as on textile reinforcement and concrete as the basis materials, the lecture will also comprise insights in the structural implementation and in the standardized test concepts on carbon reinforced concrete.

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