Prefabricated concrete pier top form

(10) US 2022/0112671 Al

(22) 13.10.2020


(57) A single-use or multi-use prefabricated pier top form for topping a concrete pier comprises a hollow mold with an upper portion in the desired shape of the finished pier top, a stepped-down tapered mid portion, and a lower mating portion for mating with the pier form so that concrete can be continuously poured to fill both the pier form and the pier top form at one time. Use of the prefabricated pier top form results in substantial time and material savings because the top of the pier residing above ground can be formed at the same time as the footer and pier are formed replacing the need to form a separate pier top after the pier and footer have been filled with concrete.

(71) Chad William Cerwin, Durango, CO (US)

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