Laumer Bautechnik

Precast tower silo system erected in Bavaria

For Villa Mehl, located in the Lower Bavarian city of Johanniskirchen, a new tower silo system for wheat with a storage volume of around 6.500 m³ was erected with reinforced-concrete parts.

Based on the design of the overall system which, in addition to the actual storage function, was to contain the entire complex technical silo technology, the client decided on a construction of reinforced-concrete parts to the extent that was possible that would guarantee a solution that was both technically sound and cost-efficient.

Precast concrete parts for the grain silo

At a height of more than 42 m, the silo tower for wheat is the most striking structure, consisting of a total of six square silo cells, each measuring 6 x 6 m in plan. The lowest closure of every silo cell is designed as a...

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