Precast spire ­overlooking the sea

One of only a few Roman Catholic churches that were newly constructed in the past few years in Germany is located in Horumer­siel-Schillig, a North Sea spa situated directly by the Wadden Sea. Its spire is a precast element that impresses with its sophisticated geometry.

In the wake of the dwindling number of Roman Catholic adherents in Germany, a newly built Catholic church would hit the headlines anyway – particularly if it is located in Northern Germany, which is rather a Protestant stronghold. However, Horumersiel is home to one of the largest caravan camping sites in Germany, which is mainly frequented by holiday makers from the Ruhrgebiet, a predominantly Roman Catholic region. Past experience shows that people increasingly deal with religious matters when on holiday, which is why the old church attracted many worshippers, too.

However, this compact,...

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