Position paper on the application of the WU code

The Trade Association for Concrete Components with Lattice Girders (Fachvereinigung Betonbauteile mit Gitterträgern e.V./BmG) -, the Bavarian Quality Association for elements walls (Qualitätsgemeinschaft Doppelwand Bayern GbR) and the Syspro-Gruppe Betonbauteile e.V. have prepared and published a joint position paper on the application of the new DAfStb code of practice on concrete structures impermeable to water
“Wasserundurchlässige Bauwerke aus Beton” (WU code, issue of December 2017). This position paper will also be considered in revision of the Notes on the DafStb Code of Practice on Concrete Structures impervious to Water – “Erläuterungen zur DAfStb-Richtlinie wasserundurchlässige Bauwerke aus Beton” (Heft 555) – in the committees of the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (DAfStb).

The publishers of this position paper accordingly include organizations of manufacturers of lattice girders, applicants for approvals for element walls - Precast Double Walls with in-situ Concrete Insulation Element -, manufacturers of element walls, as well as planning offices that share experiences gained with the use of element walls as components of water-impermeable structures.

The 8-page position paper reflects the coordinated recommendations for the application of element walls as components of concrete structures impervious to water, as based on the changes in the new WU code 2017, and covers issues on the minimum wall thickness for reinforcement arranged in in-situ concrete cores, as well as on testing of roughness. The position paper is now available on request from the publishers stated above.

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