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Issue 2013-02 Case examples, practical guidance

Preventing damages at concrete cast stone laying

Apart from ceramic and natural stone coverings, concrete cast stone materials are also used again and again by clients and planners when it comes to the design of floor and wall surfaces. By selecting...

Issue 2011-06 Individual designing options

How any wall becomes unique

The esthetic cast stone elements qualify for both indoor and outdoor applications and meet the current trends to imitate natural materials. At the same time, the products do not differ from the...

Issue 2012-09

Concrete blocks like rubble in various types and shades

The rubble stone product line „Nostalgie-Mauer“ (nostalgic wall) of Jasto is a concrete product colored in a naturally appearing shade of gray. After concreting, the blocks are actually broken out...

Issue 2010-05 Hunklinger stone clamp S1000

Range of applications will be extended

The special feature and the unique selling point above all is the result of the force effective of the clamp equipment: it is effective in parallel to the force applied. This results in a load...

Issue 2010-03


Hunklinger, the company of the Upper Bavarian town of Siegsdorf, will present its complete product range of hydraulic paver laying clamps and stone clamps in the open air area at booth F1206: these...