Permanent formwork of highest quality for precast elements

The fibre-reinforced concrete panels serve as permanent formwork and ensure top-quality enclosure of structural precast components. For use in semi-precast applications – primarily in walls, floor-slabs and balconies – the upstands by Max Frank offer best quality with regards to stability, elasticity and surface characteristics.

High-quality formwork for every application

Owing to the optimized material composition, the upstands provide impressive solutions not only to surfaces of architectural concrete quality, but also due to their profiling. The perfectly matching interlocking profile section on the visible side, and/or the side facing the in-situ concrete, ensure optimal anchorage in the concrete over the entire length of the profile. The special technique by which the product is manufactured is complemented by the optimally fitting sealing strip with drip profile (AKZ). The product versions are available with and without drip profile, depending on application.

Perfect fixing and one-man assembly due to high elasticity and stability

Special production methods and high-quality materials enable manufacture of upstands of outstanding stability and ideal elasticity. The flexible material properties enable the upstand to be aligned and mounted by only one person without danger of breakage.

The use of upstands in precast plants, according to the manufacturer, is much simpler and more cost-effective than other formwork materials. Butt and corner connectors of stainless steel for AKZ profiles moreover guarantee precise fixing of several sections.

Standard dimensions and production according to customer requirements

All upstands are available, on request, with 45 ° mitre cut on one side, in standard lengths of 2.0 m and 2.7 m and in heights of 160 mm to 400 mm. By subsequent cutting to exact length and upstanding on the straight sides, any total length can be obtained by combining several sections.

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