Paving block with improved illumination

(10) US 2022/0074146 Al

(22) 18.11.2021

(43) 10.03.2022

(57) A method of manufacturing a paving block with embedded photoluminescent material, comprising the steps of mixing sand, aggregate, water, and cement to form an uncured concrete mixture; mixing phosphorescent pigments, sand, cement, aggregate, and water to form an uncured phospho­rescent mixture; providing a paving block mold; pouring the uncured concrete mixture into the paving block mold to fill the paving block mold; compressing the uncured concrete mixture in the paving block mold via a tamper head until the paving block mold is between 80% and 90% full; pouring the uncured phosphorescent mixture into the paving mold block to substantially fill the paving block mold; and com­pressing and vibrating the uncured concrete mixture and the uncured phosphorescent mixture in the paving mold block to generate an uncured paving block having a desired thickness and density.

(71) Glow Path Payers, LLC, West Bloomfield, MI (US)

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