New website in responsive design and six languages

On May 3, Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH+Co.KG located in Dormettingen, Swabia, released their reprogramed internet presence. “By switching our website to ‚responsive web design‘, we comply with the changes in web browsing behavior”, managing director Wolfgang Weckenmann states. “We are operating all over the world with a very high export share and have realized that the proportion of people using a mobile device to access the internet is steadily increasing.” Actually, the worldwide proportion of mobile internet use amounted to 43.55 % in 2016.

Much information clearly structured and multi-lingual

The new website provides a lot of profound information in image and text on the entire range of products and services of Weckenmann. The company has been developing equipment and machinery for the production of precast concrete elements since 1957. Plants of the Swabian machinery and equipment manufacturer are operating on all continents. This explains as well why the new website is available in German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian languages, while further languages cannot be ruled out in future. The navigation structure is distinct, clear and not cluttered.

The scrolling direction is vertical enabling the visitor of a site to scroll down conveniently and gather information in the speed that is pleasant for them. The new Weckenmann website is working as good on the tablet PC as on the mobile phone or on a desktop computer with 27-inch monitor. Such kind of website is called “responsive” by web designers, which means that the website automatically adapts to the screen of the respective user. “By modernizing our internet presence in terms of content, visual appearance and technology, we want to show that we not only design innovative machinery and software but also keep pace with the times in respect of information and dialog”, Wolfgang Weckenmann says.

The section of the information library provides detailed information areas about the wide variety of precast concrete plants, which Weckenmann has already installed all over the world.

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