New technical publication “Concrete testing compact”

In 2016, the Association of German Concrete Engineers VDB, published in its series, the book “Betonprüfung kompakt – Die wichtigsten Untersuchungsmethoden in Wort und Bild” (Concrete Testing Compact – the Most Important Test Methods in Text and Illustrations), by the authors Uwe P. Zimmer and Hans-Heinrich Reuter (Testing Bluhm & Feuerherdt GmbH). The publisher was Bau + Technik.

Owing to the enormous demand, the first edition of the book was sold out, following which the publisher decided on a second edition – editorially revised and its contents supplemented, which recently appeared under the title. “Betonprüfung kompakt – Die 33 wichtigsten Untersuchungen in Wort und Bild” – Concrete Testing Compact – the 33 Most Important Tests in Text and Illustrations.

This second edition was supplemented by the following chapters:

Static modulus of elasticity– DIN EN 12390-13

Dynamic modulus of elasticity based on ASTM 215-14 and

Ultrasonic testing.

Second edition now with 33 test chapters

In addition to the familiar treatment of the tests in chapters, in chronological and didactic order, a range of new priorities was now added in various sub-chapters.

One entire chapter deals with the safety situation and the possible accident risks in laboratories and on construction sites. This was written in cooperation with the industrial accident insurance authorities BG RCI – BG Raw Materials and Chemical Industry.

The new sub-division of the test chapters is organized as follows in its expanded form:

Level of difficulty of the test

Brief description of the test procedure

Test specification

Principles, significance, application

Estimated duration testing work

Required equipment and technical aids

Material to be provided

Steps of testing work

Frequent error sources

Accident risks and safety instructions

Additional media and reference documents

Minimum data in the test report

A filled-out test report in A4 format.

The new book “Betonprüfung kompakt” with now 33 test chapters is published in A4 format in German (243 pages) and English.



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