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New processing aid for concrete products

Concrete products manufactured under cool and humid environmental conditions are frequently subject to efflorescence during their first hours. MC-Bauchemie has now developed a new processing aid for no-slump concretes, Murasan Hydrotech 884, which notably mitigates the effects of such critical conditions.

Murasan Hydrotech 884 is a chloride-free multifunction admixture that has been adapted to the requirements of the concrete products industry for the mechanical manufacture of high quality concrete products such as paving blocks, curbstones, sidewalk slab, and U-blocks. It is specifically intended to considerably reduce primary efflorescence, and to achieve and/or maintain the brilliance of colored concrete products. The effective chemical and physical system results in intensive dispersion of the cement paste and in a lubricating effect between steel form and concrete during the production process. The result is enhancement in the quality of the surface finish.

Less efflorescence and optimal compaction

The three figures shown here compare three anthracite-colored concrete paving blocks. The concrete paving block shown at the bottom was manufactured without Murasan Hydrotech 884 and exhibits marked primary efflorescence. Murasan Hydrotech 884 (0.3 %) was added to the paving block in the middle, resulting in no efflorescence and good color depth. The block shown at the top contains 0.4 % Murasan Hydrotech 884 and shows the best results.

The addition of Murasan Hydrotech 884 not only reduces primary efflorescence but also optimizes compaction results. This enhances concrete strength, water impermeability, as well as resistance to frost and de-icing agents. In most cases, Murasan Hydrotech 884 likewise reduces concrete adhesion and bonding to form parts, inserts, and presses. These benefits can also reduce wear on the machines.

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