Bundesverband Spannbeton-Fertigdecken

New management at the BVSF

Changes have taken place in the Management of the Federal Association for Prestressed Precast Floor Slabs (Bundesverband Spannbeton-Fertigdecken - BVSF). The General Meeting of the Federal Association appointed Dr.-Ing. Stefan Seyffert as new Managing Director as of 1 January 2018. He has represented the interests of the Association since 2013 as technical consultant in various committees, and he took over his present management role from Gerald Rollett, attorney at law. At the General Meeting on 20 November 2017, the Chairman of the Federal Association, Hol-ger Löbig, from DW Systembau GmbH, thanked Gerald Rollett on behalf of Association members for his services.

After graduating from TU Dresden, Dr.-Ing. Stefan Seyffert began his professional career as construction engineer in the Dyckerhoff & Widmann AG home office for Saxony/Thuringia. His function was as work scheduler and concrete engineer and as building inspector in the Dresden office of the company Bautest Gesellschaft for Research and Materials Testing in the Construction Industry. Following employment as research associate at the Institute for Construction Operations at TU Dresden, and after obtaining his doctorate, he has served since 2013 as technical consultant for the Confederation of Employers‘s Associations Mineral Construction Materials (Unternehmerverband Mineralische Baustoffe (UVMB)) in the German Federal Association for Prestressed Precast Foor Slabs (BVSF).

Since 1994 the Federal Association for Prestressed Precast Floor Slabs (BVSF) supports its medium-sized corporate members in order to enhance the degree of recognition of prestressed precast floor slabs and to optimize knowledge transfer between manufacturers, on one hand, and architects, structural engineers, planners of technical building services, and building contractors on the other.

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