Moving forward with new management

On 1 September 2017, Solidian’s management structure was reorganized. With construction engineer Dr. Christian Kulas and business economist Stephan Speh at the helm, the rapidly growing specialist for non-metallic reinforcement is gaining dual leadership that will equally focus on technology and sales while continuing to strategically expand the innovative business segment of textile concrete both at home and abroad. The team succeeds Roland Karle, who will retire from management at the end of October for age-related reasons.

As a subsidiary of Groz-Beckert, the Albstadt-based textile technology provider, Solidian entered the textile concrete sector under Mr. Karle’s management in 2013. The textile concrete market was in its early stages back then, and now after years of successful development and expansion in the form of a production facility in Karlovac, Croatia, Karle is passing the baton on to the next generation.

A seamless transition is guaranteed, as Dr. Kulas has been responsible for the company’s technological matters since it was founded; he played a key role in Solidian’s development. Dr. Kulas, who dealt with the structural behavior of textile concrete in his doctorate, is among the subject’s pioneers and has been an active part of textile concrete’s transition from the world of science to capturing the marketplace. In the future, he will be the management spokesman. Stephan Speh is now responsible for administrative and commercial activities. He will in particular take over the management of global sales activities. Speh has professional experience in the mechanical engineering sector, where he worked in the field of controlling for sales and product development. Since 2016, Speh was responsible for the controlling of Solidian at Groz-Beckert KG and was therefore able to adapt to his new role in recent months.

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