More installation variety in concrete construction

Kaiser has presented the Halox 100 multi-conduit entry installation housing for concrete at the Eltefa 2019 trade fair in Stuttgart as an innovative product, meeting all requirements on a multimedia or floor junction box and providing for new installation variety in concrete construction. Consequently, the supplier of boxes, housings, and systems for a professional electric installation expands the well-proven range of Halox housings for concrete construction.

The new multi-conduit entry always comes into play when more than two or larger conduits up to M40 need to be installed in the installation housing. This is the case, for example, with demanding lighting installations and when the housing is used as multimedia or floor junction box. In addition to the four toolless M20/M25 combination entries available at the side of the installation housing, it now provides further opening options for M25/M32 as well as M32/M40 conduits. They can be opened quickly by simply knocking in using a slotted screw driver or a hammer.


Installation housing Halox 100 multi-conduit entry

The openings are also suitable for pre-fabricated conduits – for example, with HDMI connector, cold-device plug, network connector, or USB plug – used for multimedia applications. In this regard, the integrated conduit retention is distinguished by a maximum retaining force, preventing the conduit from slipping out during the concrete pouring process. The Kaiser universal opening cutter or step drill allow for creating up to five additional conduit openings with diameters of up to 16 mm and/or 32 mm. As a result, ideal openings can be provided for conduits and pipes of all applications, enabling professional solutions for even demanding electric installations in concrete construction.

The installation of the Halox 100 multi-conduit entry installation housing is as simple as with all other Kaiser installation housings and as no cuts in the reinforcement are required in the area of the conduit entry, they do not interfere with the structural calculations. Ideal for the electrical trade: The multi-conduit housing being stable in shape and resistant can withstand even harshest conditions on the construction site and can be combined with all Halox 100 front parts.


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